Paul Chandler


I have been working with EFT for 11 years after being introduced to it by a professional when I myself, needed help.
If I'm honest with you, I was a sceptic at first. I did not believe that simply by tapping on your face it could change feelings and emotions. Even the thought of it made me slightly uncomfortable. However, I can hand on heart say that it worked for me and it completely changed my life.

Before I experienced EFT myself I was going through a really tough time in my life. I couldn't see a way out of how I was feeling. I had started living a reclusive lifestyle, I didn't venture from my home too often and I had severe anxiety attacks just going to the shops.

It was over a year before I reached the point of wanting help. I can't tell you what triggered this, but all I knew was that I wanted to change the path my life was going down. I couldn't continue to live like this.
I was put in touch with an incredible man who dealt with my issues through EFT.
I still remember to this day how I felt walking into my first EFT session. I was feeling very uneasy and apprehensive and had pretty much written the session off before it even started. The idea of EFT seemed ridiculous, but I knew I had nothing to lose.

To this day, I still thank that man for saving my life. I walked into that session an anxious, fearful, confused person and came out an hour later feeling relieved, hopeful and with a sense of clarity of my situation!

Throughout the time I've been working with EFT, I've developed other skills which I incorporate into my work including Energy EFT which focuses on energy blockages in our body which leads to negative emotions appearing in our body and mind as illnesses, stress, worry, anxiety, fear, pain etc.

As an Energy EFT Master Practitioner I can show you how effective EFT can be. I also offer Phone and Skype sessions.
Please ask if you have any questions and I'll be only too happy to help, you'll find an email form for you to complete under "Contact".

Thanks for reading,

Best Wishes,